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Interview: Geert Bevin On MPE & Creating A New Standard Of Musical Expression

geert-bevin-roger-linn-nammThis interview on Synthtopia turned out better than I thought it would, thanks to Darwin Grosse and Synthtopia.

Darwin got me to talk about my background, as well as my approach towards musical instrument design and programming in a very friendly chat.

Also available as an audio podcast.

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Small Number of Refurbished LinnStruments for Sale

European readers, letting you know first!

SOLD OUT I’ve got a small number of refurbished full-sized LinnStruments available for European customers: €1199, that’s €490 off. Perfect condition with new touch surfaces and new top panels with printed Sequencer parameters.


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Same Place Again (Instrumental) played on LinnStrument 128

“Sample Place Again” is an original song by G.Bevin, played here as an instrumental on LinnStrument 128.

The sounds used are Pianoteq 5 and Omnisphere 2.

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Smaller, more affordable LinnStrument 128

Today we introduced the LinnStrument 128: a smaller and more affordable version of LinnStrument.


Like the original LinnStrument, we designed the 128 to go beyond the limited sensing capabilities of standard MIDI keyboards, capturing five different dimensions of expressive control for each of your fingers.

The LinnStrument 128 is essentially 2/3 the size for 2/3 the price.

The software and features are the same for both models, and that includes the new LinnStrument Step Sequencer.

The LinnStrument 128 costs US $999 and is available to order now for November 14 shipping.

More details on Roger Linn Design’s website.

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Futuresonus Parva analog poly-synth with LinnStrument demo

As a Kickstarter backer I’ve had the Parva for several months, but there were a few problems with the firmware that prevented me from fully using it. Brad from Futuresonus released firmware update v0.51, fixing everything that was important to me.

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Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument

Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument using a variety of sound generators from Sample Modeling, Apple Logic Pro X, Impact Soundworks, Applied Acoustic Systems and Orange Tree Samples.

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LinnStrument Control – Initial Release

LinnStrument Control is a desktop tool that allows LinnStrument to control your computer. It requires LinnStrument firmware 1.2.5 or later. You can download it here:

As soon as LinnStrument is set to OS Update mode, LinnStrument Control detects its presence and takes control over it. Currently it shows a typing keyboard through colored regions and allows you to type on the LinnStrument without requiring a separate keyboard. Pressing any control button on the left will exit control mode and go back to MIDI.



This tool is very much geared to my personal usage and only works on MacOSX though it should be easy to port to Windows. The keyboard layout is a US QWERTY keyboard that is hardcoded in the sources. If there’s enough interest, other layouts can be added later.

LinnStrument Control is open-source and the repository is available on GitHub:

Here’s a video of an early prototype:

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LinnStrument Firmware 1.2.5 released!

Today we released firmware version 1.2.5 for LinnStrument, you can get the detailed changes and the installers from here:

This release brings better compatibility with certain MIDI hosts and has a few little improvements.

These are all the changes since version 1.2.4:

  • Bug fix: some LEDs could sometimes flash brightly when exiting Per-Split Settings, Global Settings, and Octave/Transpose, and at the end of a OS update. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: when a note was released, a MIDI pressure message of zero value was sent after the Note Off message. It should have been sent before the Note Off. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: it is possible to start LinnStrument in Low Power mode by holding Octave/Transpose while connecting power, useful when first connecting to an iDevice. Previously, if Update OS mode was on when this was done, Update OS mode mode would not be automatically turned off. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: sometimes a MIDI message could be sent with a slight time delay between its individual bytes, causing some receiving devices (particularly Linux systems) to misinterpret the first part of the message as incomplete. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix: in low power mode, Polyphonic Pressure with a value of zero would not be sent. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Switch 1 and Switch 2 would sometimes light after returning from sleep. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix: if Sleep mode was set to enter sleep after a period of inactivity, it was possible to enter Sleep even while holding a note for a very long time because the delay timer didn’t recognize Note Off messages. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: when holding the Octave/Transpose switch to enable low power mode at startup, the Octave/Transpose page was shown instead of the normal Performance Mode lights. Fixed.

Have fun!

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LinnStrument and Moog Model 15 go perfectly together

Moog released the Model 15 app for iOS which painstakingly recreates each facet of the original Model 15 Modular. It is 4-voice polyphonic and fully supports MPE, making it a perfect synth to play with LinnStrument.

Moog Model 15

Here’s an initial sketch I recorded with both:

As a bonus, here are a few pictures of LinnStrument with my custom iPad holder and Model 15 running on an iPad Pro:

Model 15 LinnStrument 1
Model 15 LinnStrument 2

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LinnStrument Firmware 1.2.4 released!

Today we release firmware version 1.2.4 for LinnStrument, you can get the detailed changes and the installers from here:

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Improved velocity range, consistency and natural response.
  • Reduced power consumption in Low Power mode in order to be powered more reliably by iOS devices.
  • Sleep may now be automatically entered after a selected number of minutes of inactivity.
  • You may now select any Row Offset from 0 to 16.

Have fun!

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