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Announcing the ReceiveMIDI tool

ReceiveMIDI is a multi-platform command-line tool makes it very easy to quickly receive and monitor MIDI messages from MIDI devices on your computer.

Following up on my SendMIDI tool, it felt only normal to create a similar tool for receiving MIDI messages. So today I’m releasing ReceiveMIDI, once more standing on shoulders of the amazing JUCE library.

If anything, ReceiveMIDI makes it super easy on MacOS, Windows or Linux to monitor a particular MIDI device and to freely unplug and replug it. There are a series of handy filter commands if you just want to focus on some of the messages, and you can optionally add timestamps. This goes hand-in-hand with an update to the SendMIDI tool that now understands these timestamps, allowing you to play back anything you saved and edited from ReceiveMIDI, with the appropriate timing.

Fun stuff!

ReceiveMIDI is free and open-source, and you can download it from here:

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