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Eigenharp Clubhouse 36

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, September 3, 2012

We’ve covered:

  • Recording of Eigenharp Clubhouse
  • Hangouts On Air downside
  • EigenD 2.0 Stable
  • Financial adventures
  • iPad addiction
  • VJ; Vjing
  • Livid Instruments Controllers
  • Utility Coolbook
  • Questions & Answers
  • multiple outputs without workbench?
  • Belcanto – Audio Agent
  • Wasn’t there some mention of some additional software to be bundled with 2.0 stable?
  • EigenD as a Polyphonic Performance Data Stream
  • Audiocubes demo
  • visual Feedback from what octave “we are in”
  • YES, to multiple metronomes inside a setup.
  • NO, to gating effect, with current agents
  • MIDI Processor agent

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