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Eigenharp Control Voltage setup with Workbench, EigenD 2 and Silent Way

This tutorial creates an Eigenharp Pico configuration from scratch in Workbench so that you can play your analog synthesizer over Control Voltage. This requires EigenD 2 and a DC-coupled audio interface or a similar solution like the Expert Sleepers ES-3.

I’m using the Expert Sleepers Silent Way plugin to generate calibrated pitch voltages, but all the principles should apply to MOTU Volta also.

The Pro version of EigenD 2 is required to use Workbench, but it’s possible to achieve CV control by modify an existing factory setup using Belcanto and the non Pro version of EigenD.

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  1. Duncan says

    Did you have any issues installing Silent Way under EigenD? I can’t get the AU version to load, and when I install the VST, only SW DC shows up, and not the voice controller. If I change apps to Reaper I can see both. Any idea why the AU might not load? (I’m using the latest version of ES SW, and naturally EigenD).

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