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Learn the Eigenharp Tau from scratch: video lessons

My girlfriend, Nathalie, is learning how to use the Eigenharp Tau from scratch and we though it would be interesting to record the videos of her lessons as we go along. Here are the first three, hope you enjoy them!

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions or to send us suggestions, we’ll keep them in mind for future sessions.

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  1. Ralph says

    Wow, I think that your new inventions are the wave of the future. Can’t wait to try out the Tau Eigenharp. Where in the USA is it sold? I’m from Connecticut. The only problem with it is that I think that eventually it might shrink the size of many orchestras and bands. It’s so versatile. I just wish that I were about 60 years younger and would have time to develop some new and fascinating music. Do you think that one could record some fabulous male and female voices and incorporate them into the instruments also?

    • Geert says

      Hi, you can find the list of retailers here: There is also a risk-free rental program:

      You can use any software instrument with it and there are some very nice male and female choirs that indeed play very well with the Eigenharp.

      • Ralph says

        Greetings Geert,
        What if I didn’t want to record choirs but, say the voice of Andrea Boccelli, or Sarah Brightman. Is it possible to do specific voices, would there be copyright problems if I had recorded the voice of say. Sarah Brightman singing one of her songs that I’m playing, or trying to play.

        • Geert says

          You can do that with sampler software instruments, I’m not a lawyer so I can’t comment on the legalities of doing what you’re describing.

  2. Ralph says

    The eigenharp is the instrument for the twenty first century. Like the harpsichord was for the fifteenth century, the violin was for the seventeenth century, the piano for the eighteenth century, the accordion for the nineteenth century and the electric guitar for the twentieth century. I don’t think my dates aren’t too far off. I couldn’t imagine what will come next.
    Maybe there might be a microchip that we might swallow or have implanted in us that will make us all sing like angels.

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