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Free iPad iBook : Exploring the Eigenharp, by Michael Milton

Mike Milton adopted the Eigenharp immediately when the instrument first came out two years ago. He followed its evolution closely as a musician. The new Workbench tool of EigenD 2 provides unprecedented visual access to the Eigenharp’s configuration. This book gives a great overview of what’s possible and how the inner workings of the Eigenharp and its software EigenD can be useful for making music.

This is not a how-to, it’s written for people who are interested and want to know more about how the Eigenharp works, what is can do, and how the software is structured.

This book is written for the iPad and fully leverages the multi-media capabilities of iBooks 2, including a very informative video by the Eigenharp’s creator John Lambert about the innovative design of the playing keys.

The book can be freely downloaded from iTunes.

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