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Eigenharp Clubhouse 31

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, May 21, 2012

We talked about:

  • Soft threshold where it iS? Alpha keyboard 1
  • Agent Alpha keyboard 1 only shows with the instrument turned on
  • Wiring a foot switch to a talker
  • Hangouts on Air
  • Organized list of things that people like to see
  • Geert frustrated…
  • importance of a flash light on stage
  • Mike Summer course, and what instrument to play?
  • Halliburton
  • EigenChorder release
  • Mike “watching the sky”
  • Fingerer Agent
  • switch of Column to rows and rows to Column
  • Alpha setup like an Button Accordion
  • Button Accordion with Fingerer to Hangouts on Air
  • Midi out port browse
  • Free Midi Monitor –
  • Firewire isolator
  • Wallwarts
  • Hangout on Air
  • Alpha setup like an Button Accordion
  • Big jumps on the keys
  • Latch keys
  • insides on the data transferred between agents
  • Data monitoring
  • Larry wallwarts
  • Belkin Surge Protector BE112230
  • 19′ Rack Power Conditioner
  • About the Drummer
  • “for now” Don’t rename the slots
  • Multiple loops in a single slot and toggle thru them

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