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ECMS recital, traditional folk with Eigenharp, fiddles and guitar

Robin Fairey has posted a series of excellent live recordings of a recital that was performed at Emmanuel College Music Society in Cambridge.

This is my personal favorite:

Chasing Cheese, Uncranked Reel, Starling’s Scorn

The tunes are Chasing Cheese, Uncranked Reel and Starling’s Scorn, all written by Will Bainbridge.

Starling’s Scorn is described by Will as sounding like ‘A small fluffy thing getting very angry’ (at least when playing it through his music notation program). We therefore refer to this tune affectionately as ‘Angry Birds’.

All the recorded audio can be listened to on SoundCloud also:

Fiddle – Tom Furnival
Fiddle – James McNamara
Guitar – Will Bainbridge
Eigenharp – Robin Fairey

Audio recorded by Matt Cooper and Sascha Goodman.

Below are the other four videos:

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