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The Eigenharp Developers Conference was a blast

Last weekend the first Eigenharp Developers Conference took place in Dartmoor, UK.

It was wonderful to meet up with all the users and to play music together after the sessions and the pair programming. In a matter of hours new working agents were already up and running, this promises great things for the future. We’ve started on overview of the agents that are currently being worked on, it’s quite an interesting list.

One very interesting announcement from the conference is that agents can now be built by using the binary installation of EigenD, which includes an SDK as of version 2.0.35-experimental. Additionally, these agents can now directly be built into a binary package that can easily be distributed or even sold. Given enough interest, this could even be done straight from the Eigenlabs website.

The developers that participated in the conference have continued the drive and contributed back the agents they developed into the contrib repository on GitHub. The developers section on the forums is also buzzing with enthusiasm.

Here are some pictures and a video from the event, technical session videos and documents will be posted soon. Some of the presentation slides are already available as PDF downloads.

Fun bonus, check out the Eigenharp Tau Whisky dispenser

Other bonus, only just one week later John Nolan created a prototype Voice Control agent for the Eigenharp, talk to it and EigenD performs the changes.


Eigenharp DevCon 2012, a set on Flickr.

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