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Attach a mic to the Eigenharp Alpha’s shoulder harness

The Eigenharp Alpha allows you to connect a compact lavalier microphone directly to a dedicated mic preamp next to the breath pipe. This has to be ordered through Eigenlabs since it needs some custom wiring. Sadly the one I ordered seems to be in back-order at their supplier and there’s no ETA. I thus figured out another way in the meantime to be able to sing and play the Eigenharp Alpha without having to position myself in front of a fixed microphone stand.

I was able to attach a Heil Handi Mic Pro dynamic microphone with a Heil HH-1 drum mount to the shoulder harness and thus have a relatively small microphone moving around with me while playing the Alpha.

This might be useful for other singers that are playing the Eigenharp Alpha, even though it looks kinda dorky.

Here’s a little video demonstrating this in all its dorkyness 😉

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