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Eigenharp Pico – Playing GarageBand Instruments

The Eigenharp Pico ships with a whole collection of factory instruments, loops and samples. However many people have GarageBand since it ships with all new Macs. This tutorial shows you how you can play on the Pico and use sounds from GarageBand. Once this connection is made, you’re able to use the Pico as a regular MIDI controller and do everything with GarageBand that you’re able to do with a traditional keyboard, such as record, write scores, etc.

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3 Responses

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  1. mat says

    fried my head a bit sorting it out, but it works a treat

  2. Hodari says

    This video was more helpful than the included tutorials. I’ve set up my pico with rockband using loopbe and routing thru ableton.

    • Geert says

      Glad this helped you, I totally forgot I recorded to two years ago 🙂

      It could do with an updated version and also one for Windows since that’s now a fully supported OS.

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