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LinnStrument Typing Keyboard Prototype – What do you think?

New LinnStrument side-project I’ve been hacking on this weekend … curious to hear your thoughts …

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  1. noak says

    nice idea, you should do it for the mice too

  2. Scott Sharon says

    Nice idea. Wondering if you have to remove the overlay to access that section for playing?

  3. Mike says

    I would buy it!

  4. Blaize says

    Good idea, Is it possible to take advantage of the korg sample’s note per channel and midi spec covering full sample manipulation, to create an expressive instrument with 16 samples?
    If possible, im sure many would have their minds blown at such a creative application of the sample player, and as the korg volcas are so popular it might expose more people to the ideas behind MPE.

    • Geert Bevin says

      LinnStrument can send out each note and its expression on a dedicate MIDI channel. If korg supports it, you should be able to use it without any problems.

  5. Blaize says

    Hi geert, i’m sorry to be ‘off topic” in this thread. Thank you for responding, I had a look and the korg sample player does not receive key or channel aftertouch. Or even note data per channel! ( its designed as a drum machine) Some one has been able to play notes by manipulating the sample speed, which of course corresponds to pitch. there is also a pitch envelope that has its attack, decay and intensity addressable via midi, and a volume envelope attack and decay midi cc controls. Do you think of that could be mapped to the poly expressive midi data used by Linnstrument, Eigenharp ect if the same pitched sample was on every channel?

    • Geert Bevin says

      This sounds very much like something custom and specific to your sample player. I’m afraid I can’t really help with that, sorry.

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