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Leaving ZeroTurnaround, joining Moog Music

As many of you know, I’ve always had two passions in life: software and music.

For the last few years I’ve worked with one of the greatest companies in the Java industry: ZeroTurnaround. I’m proud to have contributed to LiveRebel, RebelLabs and finally XRebel, which is an amazing product that is going to bring ZeroTurnaround to even higher levels very soon (seriously, check it out)!

On the side I’ve continued to work in music technology, and built products like GECO for Leap Motion, the Eigenharp and the amazing LinnStrument with Roger Linn.

Moog Music logo

Last week my friends from Moog Music reached out to me with an offer to help them build out their software team, this was too good an opportunity to pass on. I’ll be able to combine both my passions full time again and at Moog of all places!

I’ve always been admirative of how they keep their roots in analog synthesis while reaching forward to novel software ideas like Animoog, Filtatron, the Sub 37 and the Theremini. Being part of that journey excites me beyond belief, the road ahead is going to be wild!

I’m starting at Moog as of next week, see you from there!

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  1. Paul Provost says

    Congrats Geert! As a programmer and musician myself, it’s great to see one succeed in getting to work on music software. And for Moog too. You must be ecstatic.

    Ok, now I’m jealous 😉

  2. Torsten Anders says

    Congratulations from me as well!

  3. Alex Enkerli says

    In retrospect, iOS musickers should have realized then how big a deal this move was, for us.
    It’s funny for me digging into the expressiveness of digital devices at such a late point in the game. In any part of that sphere, your name comes up, Geert. It may be a strange analogy but it’s almost like you’re the Amélie Poulain of the synth world, spreading happiness around you by doing some seemingly unrelated things which end up having a big impact. (Though, part of the analogy works best if you’ve also known Audrey Tautou in her butterfly effect role.)
    In a video trying Animoog for the first time, you made a comment about MIDI CC. Nowadays, Animoog and Model 15 are among the top choices for musickers playing (with) those “alternate controllers” of the MPE world.

    In other words, if you ever start working for some other music-related institutions, we’ll know what to expect. 😉
    What’s great about it, though, is that your work with each of them carries over and, for some reason, it doesn’t sound like there’s any bad blood between them over your hiring.
    Must say something about both your skills and personality.

    (Sorry to gush so much over your work. It’s really out of character, for me. But the past few days has been like getting “through the looking glass” with musical expression through digital means.)

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