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PPG Wavegenerator, first test of upcoming voice-per-channel MIDI mode

I’ve been helping Wolfgang Palm with adding a new feature to PPG Wavegenerator that allows per-note expression over MIDI by implementing a voice-per-channel MIDI mode. This is a quick test of the first fully working version he sent me today. It’s short, but I hope it shows the possibilities of this feature with new electronic instruments like the Eigenharp.

A downloadable .wav of the audio available from SoundCloud (the YouTube audio compression seems very audible in this video):

Note that this demo is only using one single sound that has independent expression in three axis for each individual note.

I’m using a modified version of the standard ‘Jigsaw Lead’ patch that has up-down movement mapped to per-note filter cutoff (Y movement in PPG), pressure (X movement in PPG) to note volume and left-right movement to per-note pitch with a 5 semitone interval.

More information about this excellent iPad synth here:

This new feature is probably going to be available as an additional in-app purchase.

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