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Eigenharp Clubhouse 29

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, April 16, 2012

We’ve talked about:

  • general chatting, not much Eigenharp related
  • new iPad geek out
  • EigenD Stage on the new iPad is amazing
  • device-specific tab in Stage
  • EigenD 2 stabilizing very quickly, new setups planned
  • multi-tasking as a person
  • Joel joins, rented a Tau and went to meet John and Wayne at the farm
  • Joel introduces himself
  • talk about note layouts
  • Joel talks about how he discovered the Eigenharp and traveling
  • computer hardware geek out time
  • tip about adopting the Eigenharp as-is and learn what it does, without adapting
  • apparent complexity of Workbench
  • short demo of building a setup from scratch with Workbench
  • how to approach the Eigenharp as a newcomer
  • we need more user Eigenharp videos on YouTube!!!
  • John Cleese video about creativity
  • quiet clubhouse episode, other one on Wednesday that’s not recorded
  • Joel’s plan of action

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