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Eigenharp Clubhouse 28

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, April 3, 2012

We’ve talked about:

  • working out and sports is good for your health
  • Mike posted some nice screenshots of Workbench on G+ with explanations
  • Eigenharp reviews from John and Mike, send in your reviews!
  • G+ hangout improvements, apps, invites, …
  • Mike likes Eigenharp green lights for the scale roots
  • back to G+ apps
  • freeform AU/VST audio loopers in your EigenD setup
  • Geert demos how to setup and use of Guitar Rig for this
  • Guitar Rig is a very useful general purpose FX and tool plugin
  • Guitar Rig tapedecks at input/output pre and post, useful for recording, mixing in audio
  • how to transcribe music, Coda is very useful, also looking at a video
  • no ‘open strings’ on the Eigenharp at the moment, not even with Strummer
  • Strummer design explanation
  • maybe use Fingerer for open strings?
  • setup compatibility between experimental EigenD releases
  • EigenD 2.0.38+ bug deletes older experimental apps, shouldn’t do that
  • Sudesh’s interest in new instruments
  • mentions A.R. Rahman (
  • Jordan Rudess being mentioned also
  • practise makes you play in tuned, configurable pitch bend curves
  • different pitch bend ranges for different pieces of music
  • Randy Brown’s upcoming tutorial about how to create his music
  • making tutorials is a lot of work
  • feeding information to people that are gravitation around us, interesting in the Eigenharp
  • we need to create more tutorials, covering different aspects of the Eigenharp
  • creating tutorials is best done by people that didn’t build it, we’re too close to it
  • we can use the help from the community here! 🙂
  • how to get audio out of the iPad into something else

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