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Eigenharp Clubhouse 22

I switched the recording of the Clubhouse from Livestream to full HD screencast recording. Every week, I’ll post the recording on YouTube and on EigenZone.

Here’s Clubhouse 22:

We talked about:

  • virtual instruments / programming sounds vs plugin & presets
  • sustain pedals (make noise, expression pedals don’t)
  • Shruthi analog synth, Analog synth alternatives (Prophet08, Tetra, Moog), building the Shruthi, Shruthi patches / sounds, other filter boards
  • Factory preset tweaking vs programming from scratch. Who had good presets, Adaptation to novel controllers requires tweaking. PianoTeq. Models vs samples, Motu Ethno, Ra, AAS, Orange Tree, Komplete (kontakt, battery), SF2s, KirkHunter, Plugins for live use vs scoring (VSL, as an example), Garritan, LA scoring Strings
  • computers (general and remembrance of things past)
  • good demos of plugins / eigenharp
  • The challenge of ‘getting into’ eigenharp, versatile configurations
  • Using CC messages – ways to use the keys to do this
  • Playable out of the box but open to configuration – gaining balance. Practice
  • tweaking plugins / synths as a good thing for adapting to musical goals
  • fun with workbench, focussed (smaller) setups
  • drummers

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