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Eigenharp Clubhouse 21

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, February 13, 2012

We’ve talked about:

  • Jeff’s going for both an Alpha and a Pico
  • how are virtual instruments created, modeled versus sampled
  • constraints are different for modeled and sampled, CPU versus memory/bandwidth
  • EigenD being open source, agents can be developed independently, DevCon
  • leverage the existing papers and alogryhtms and implement them as EigenD agents
  • agents can be anything
  • programming knowledge needed is Python, C++ fairly straightforward with cfilter example
  • different layers of programming
  • assembling existing agents into creative synthesizers
  • share, import and export rigs (group of agents)
  • parallel with MaxMSP patches and externals
  • place for sharing the agents, rigs, …
  • planetarium show: “Music of the spheres”, Mike Oldfield music, laser show, lacked Eigenharps
  • lots of empty planetariums, go out of business, lack of interest, interesting venue to grab
  • Google performing arts day in June
  • connectivity problems
  • log buildings and Eigenharps 😉
  • do AU/VST instruments play as nicely as the natively built instruments in EigenD
  • EigenD routing matrix, host automation parameters, MIDI CC
  • last week’s problem with Omnisphere related to installation problem
  • balance between power, flexibility and convenience: hardware synths versus software synths
  • Spicy Guitar free guitar modeling plugin
  • VST and AUs are merely a de-facto standard, no formal specification that’s good enough
  • plugin problems are usually stupid, EigenD ironed out a lot of incompatibility problems now
  • no central rig sharing place on the website yet
  • EigenD 2 still in experimental phase
  • how many Eigenharp Alpha’s are out there in the world
  • article in the Atlanta Chronicle about new musical instruments adoption in history
  • Google performing arts day follow up
  • programming needs continuous practice or you start losing it, goes much quicker than you expect
  • : sheet music sharing site with external contributions (transposable)
  • great tip, transpose music to C and then transpose back on the Eigenharp, very easy to play
  • forums discussion about notation, use cases for notation are being mixed
  • you have to really try out notation, both reading and writing to know how suitable they are
  • try to use existing software for the notation, Musescore, Sibelius
  • WikiFonia uses MusicXML, that could maybe be integrated into an agent
  • MusicXML initial experience from Dragica

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