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Eigenharp Clubhouse 20

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, February 6, 2012

We’ve talked about:

  • sample-based instruments and notes that aren’t part of the original instrument
  • plugins versus individual wave files, how instruments are built from samples
  • non sample based software instruments
  • AAS Chromatone
  • use Ableton Live for software instruments
  • EigenD soundfont sampler controls
  • creating and finding your sound
  • DevCon Eigenharp key technology video
  • Eigenharp notation brainstorming
  • Antonio’s shows
  • stories about heights and fear of heights
  • percussive and rhythmical playing on the Eigenharp as compared to a guitar
  • recommended software instruments when you start out: PianoTeq, NI Komplete, Omnisphere, Ableton Live, AAS
  • regular MIDI versus poly mode, host automation parameters, hires note velocity, 14-bit MIDI
  • live performance software setup with multiple applications or just one (Mac vs. Windows)
  • loops or something else for rhythms, or … : Stylus RMX, Ableton Live, NI Battery
  • G+ musicians hangout internet jam, collaboration site suggestion:
  • preparation for playing Eigenharps together, what do you *really* play?
  • challenge, how to fill a particular void in a musical genre
  • Eigenharp Alpha in Kelly LLorena’s video
  • people love blinking lights, first idea of Illuminator
  • Omnisphere problems with saving patches (resolved later on: symlink, permission problems)

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