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Eigenharp Clubhouse 17

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, January 9, 2012:

We’ve talked about:

  • Breath Pipe – what it does it do, how to use it in the routing matrix
  • Changing settings while playing (either talkers / Belcanto / Stage)
  • Workbench introduction / walkthrough
  • Selecting keys for a Keygroup
  • interacting with LEDs
  • Key design goal is the ability to ‘break’ the system, meaning any potential configuration
  • Flute / selecting and adapting plugins to Eigenharp direct control
  • Built-in clarinet
  • Strummer
  • Link to:
  • PianoTeq Rhodes etc as examples of modelling. Using it on multiple channels
  • Workbench as helpful for quick setups for Picos
  • Rigs – are a subset of a setup (any collection of agents)
  • setups moving to XML
  • building instruments from agents (e.g.: analog synth)
  • Geert demos one
  • Antonio shows a WB setup
  • attaching multiple instruments to a single EigenD or networked EigenDs
  • Demo: adding a pico plus an alpha using Workbench
  • modifying audio units in real time (via Workbench)

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