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Eigenharp Clubhouse 7

Recording of the weekly Eigenharp Clubhouse on Google+ Hangouts, October 10, 2011:

We’ve talked about:

  • Geert describes the barebones MIDI setup, including joystick control of MIDI CC
  • Discussion on scripts to light root notes
  • Discussion with Chrissie Caulfield regarding her interest in the Eigenharp
  • Quick demo from Geert using a Soniccouture Le Cristal Kontakt plugin
  • Another demo of Soniccouture HangDrum from their PanDrums Kontact plugin and Antonio’s accordion
  • A demo of Geert’s excellent guitar-style playing using the top 6 percussion keys as strings
  • Discussion of key sensitivity
  • Cello model
  • Antonio’s Accordian
  • Lighting key notes
  • Eigenharp menus and LEDs
  • General info on cabling and basestations
  • Overview of Pico
  • Overview of Tau
  • General discussion
  • Arrangement of songs for the Eigenharp
  • Larry talks about his process for learning the Eigenharp and using the Wiki
  • Discussions on use of the new MIDI only setups, experimental music control, Ableton instruments
  • Using one or more Pico’s for controlling effects and instruments, including the use of an Alpha and a Pico simultaneously in a single instance of EigenD. Use of multiple Eigenharps over network connections, each controlling separate attributes. Also the use of Stage using multiple devices and respect given to John Cage!

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