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‘What If’ – original piano instrumental

This is one of the original instrumental piano pieces that I’ve been composing on the Eigenharp Alpha. I’m still contemplating on adding vocals over it and turning it into a song, but I’m not totally convinced yet.

However, after many months of keeping this under the wraps, I though it was time to record a video with the factory piano sound since I think it’s stunningly beautiful and responds wonderfully well to dynamics.

Hope you enjoy it.

I you like this performance, you can download the lossless audio file from SoundCloud for free.

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  1. Francois-jean de Brienne says

    Hi Geert,

    First of all. Great song. I would like to ask you a couple of pointers. Are you playing all of it live or is there an arranger running in there somewhere? How did you tune the eigenHarp?


    • Geert says

      Hi Francois,

      This is all live, no loops or arranger running. The Eigenharp is tuned in C-major, shifted one octave down.

      Take care,


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