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MusikMesse 2011 demo about the Eigenharp and Cubase Note Expression

Dragica graciously took the effort of recording my Friday demo at MusikMesse on the Steinberg booth. Hope you enjoy it even though the quality is only that of a cell phone camera.

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  1. Larry Heilman says

    Glad to see that some software is keeping up with the Eigenharp.

  2. Torsten Anders says

    Thanks for this demo, very interesting indeed to see that finally one of the big DAWs goes beyond these old MIDI limitations.

    Question: You mentioned plans that EigenD will in future communicate directly with Cubase to send those Note Expression data. Technically, what interfaces does Steinberg offer to implement such a communication? I assume Cubase does not listen to OSC, and you are not talking about some more complex MIDI mapping (e.g., it would likely be possible to map multiple MIDI channels to a single channel in Cubase with note expressions…).

    • Geert says

      Sadly I can’t say more at the time about how this communication will happen, various approaches are under investigation. I already set up a prototype at the moment using the multiple midi channels for polyphony approach. It’s ugly, but works if you can live with the loss of resolution. Eventually I hope our collaboration will allow us to come to a solution that would deprecate MIDI.

  3. Torsten Anders says

    Geert, has there meanwhile been some development in the last two years, so that you can now talk about the envisioned communication protocol details? Perhaps I should mention that since yesterday I have an Eigenharp pico and Cubase 7 sitting on my desk 🙂

    • Geert says

      Hi Torsten, sadly there’s a status quo that keeps things at the same place as two years ago. Cubase 7 supports note expression, the Eigenharp also, but there’s nothing to actual transfer that information into Cubase. The only way that is sort of working uses each MIDI channel for a different note (voice) and allows all MIDI CC messages to be separated. However, Cubase only supports this for recording, it doesn’t convert that to VST note expression on the fly, so you still have to work with VSTs that you set up with individual channels while playing live.

  4. Torsten Anders says

    OK, thanks for letting me know. At least there is some way…

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