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EigenD 1.1.20 stable release candidate is out!

Many changes and improvements have gone into EigenD since it’s initial 1.0 line. This has been available through the 1.1 series of testing releases. Version 1.1.20 was just released and if there are no show-stopper issues, it will be promoted as the new stable EigenD release next week.

This is the time to download the EigenD 1.1.20-testing release, give it a good spin and let us know if you run into any problems. We’ve done a lot of testing on it, but of course end-users often find edge cases that we didn’t experience first hand.

Registered users can download it from:

The changes are too numerous to list, but they’re described in the 12 page release notes.

For my own performances the 1.1 line has been a lot more stable and powerful than the 1.0, so I do recommended that every Eigenharp user jumps on the new version as soon as possible.


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