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EigenD unstable Windows release available

Eigenlabs has announced that EigenD 1.2.0-unstable for Windows has been released for download.

Here’s a quote from the announcement:

This is our first release, and we expect some problems with it, so don’t use it
for performance just yet! We’ll be continuing work on the port, and should be
delivering incremental improvements as we make them.

At the moment, It’s solely for the Pico, and we’ve only tested it on Windows 7
(32 and 64 bits) There are a few known problems, which we’ve detailed in the
accompanying release notes.

These are the bugs and known issues from the release notes:

  • Click within the Sampler instruments
  • The EigenBrowser has issues with redrawing and resizing
  • EigenBrowser and EigenCommander fonts incorrect
  • Icons are not currently supported in the EigenBrowser
  • EigenD mouse pointer occasionally displays incorrect graphic
  • MIDI channel polyphonic mode (VST and hardware MIDI) not working correctly (please see below for workaround)
  • Audio device selection is primitive

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2 Responses

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  1. Tenebrous says

    It actually works really really well, for the first unstable windows release. 😀

    • Geert says

      That’s good to know, they did take their time to release it.

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