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The Eigenharp is starting to appear at retail stores across the world

Until recently, the Eigenharp instruments have only been available for online purchase at Eigenlab’s website.

I noticed that a dedicated ‘retailers section‘ has appeared on the website’s navigation, currently listing stores in the UK, France and the USA. I’m certain more will follow.

This is a nice development as I know that the instruments will be on display in certain of these stores. People will be able to actually see the excellent finish and craftsmanship, possibly even be allowed to try them out before their purchase. Obviously this is an important step into making the Eigenharp more popular and widely used.

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  1. EigenSmokeDream says

    For about two days the Alpha was listed at a closer to Earth $4700 price. I can swear seeing it listed on last Friday. Price has been ‘corrected’ to $5900 during the weekend. Well, this ensures its museum piece status will stay there for a lot of us.

    • scarr says

      You’re correct; I tried to buy it at that price! They made an error converting currencies, and were very nice in discussing it with me. The margins (for everyone) are apparently not that great. You’re paying for some very expensive hardware.

  2. Geert says

    This must have been a mistake, the Alpha has been around 4,000 GBP since launch, at today’s exchange rate that’s exactly 5,864 USD, so it corresponds. If anything, it should have cost more in dollars before!

  3. Geert says

    I’ve discussed this with the Eigenlabs creator in detail, the actual materials, electronics, man-hours to assemble and produce, … almost amount up to the price you’re paying. They’re currently making very little benefit on the Alpha … even at that price!

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