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Alpha shipping delays improve dramatically

It used to be that you’d have to wait 6-8 weeks for the Eigenharp Alpha to ship after ordering, that’s a long time when you’re excited about a new instrument!

It seems that Eigenlabs has done a lot of work to improve this aspect and is now shipping standard finishes with plastic keys with only one week of delay! Of course, due to the nature of handcrafted wooden keys, you need to add additional delays for those if you order that option.

In any case, this a great development and Eigenlabs’ production team doesn’t seem to sit still to work on improvements in this area. I’ve reached out to them and they confirmed that this is an ongoing process that they’re continually working on. Later in the year this might even improve more.

Thanks Eigenlabs, this makes it even more satisfying for us impulse buyers! 😉

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  1. MikeMilton says

    Mine (a standard model) was ordered on the 4th, the deposit was taken on the7th, and it is supposed to ship either today, the 23rd or Monday, the 26th. So, about 3 weeks. Yes, I’m excited hehehe. At the time I ordered, the web site said it would ship on the 16th but this was corrected by email quickly. Indeed, Eigenlabs have been the single most responsive company I’ve dealt with and deserve cudos for their effort.

    I think they do production runs so the delay probably varies depending on your orders alignment with this process. In other words the present estimate reflects the fact that they have parts on hand (or, perhaps, even complete instruments) and may change again if they are waiting for a run of something. Of course, this all gets better if there are lots of orders so lets wish them the success they deserve for that reason as well!

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