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Alpha Competition Entry: Eigenharp Pico Improv

Here’s what’s really unique going on here. Free tonality….

I’m using a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller to change scales on the fly. I also have the “change octave” key remapped to a tritone. This allows improvisation like a jazz player using multiple scales to superimpose different tonalities over a static chord vamp.

I’m using the I, II and V minor pentatonic scales over this vamp. These are classic jazz subs. Then the tri-tone key allows me to take motifs on all these scales and move them in and out of the harmony… again another classic Jazz sub.

No longer trapped in a single scale this opens up the entire instrument to creative Jazz improvisation and superimposition. Total harmonic freedom…. and this is just scratching the surface of possibilities.

The Alpha would bring even more freedom to exploring and developing these concepts….

Very Cool!!!!!!

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