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Stu’s custom ‘Eitar’ setup

Stuart Wyatt combined his Eigenharp Pico with Korg Nano controllers and a numerical keypad … and stuck them all on an old electrical guitar body. Very neat setup, giving him a lot more possibilities right at his fingers tips.

He also gives some nice comments about the Pico’s expressiveness that could be very useful to people that are still wondering about what it’s like to play an Eigenharp.

Check out the video!

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  1. Robin Fairey says

    Nice setup 🙂 Does anyone know what looping software the Korg nano is hooked up to?

  2. Geert says

    This is what Stu posted on Facebook: “Also, the NanoPad is currently operating NI Battery, and the NanoKontrol is going into my PC which is running Mobius live looping software. Ideally I would like to run SooperLooper as an AU within EigenD, but I am lacking sufficient RAM for that at the moment. “

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