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EigenD 1.0.13 and 1.1.0-unstable6 released

Eigenlabs has once more provided us with a new release that improves a lot for current Eigenharp players.

A notable new feature for the unstable release is that we’re now able to write custom scripts in the Belcanto language to customize our user setups any way imaginable, even if there are no key bindings for the operation available on the instrument. The release ships with a number of factory scripts to change:

  • keyboard layout: standard ascending (for guitar players), two modes of descending (for wind players)
  • behavior of octave key transposition: allow transposition in different intervals than octaves
  • pitch bend: change the pitch bend range of the instruments, or disable pitch bend entirely
  • sampler release: fully damped standard setting to damp existing notes, or fully undamped to let previous notes ringing

Sadly there’s no Belcanto language command reference available yet, but that will come soon. I already created a dedicated section on the EigenZone Community Wiki, which also has my first hacked together user script for controlling pitch bend of only a single instrument on the system.

Other improvements of these releases are:

  • Applied Acoustics audio units now work properly and don’t stop playing after a while
  • There’s no increasingly long delay anymore after recording a loop
  • Notes are not dropping out anymore when some sampler instruments play back recordings

I’m really excited about this release since it got a lot closer to making EigenD perfect in a live setting. We’re just a couple of release away from having all issues being resolved.

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