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LinnStrument Firmware 1.2.4 released!

Today we release firmware version 1.2.4 for LinnStrument, you can get the detailed changes and the installers from here:

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Improved velocity range, consistency and natural response.
  • Reduced power consumption in Low Power mode in order to be powered more reliably by iOS devices.
  • Sleep may now be automatically entered after a selected number of minutes of inactivity.
  • You may now select any Row Offset from 0 to 16.

Have fun!

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LinnStrument Introduction Video

Roger posted this great new introduction to the LinnStrument:

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Little Wing on the Seaboard RISE

Marco Parisi plays an amazing version Jimi Hendrix’ Little Wing on the Seaboard RISE, a wonderful example how expressive per-note controllers make musical performance so much more emotional.

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MMA MPE Working Group Is Established

The de-facto MPE specification, written by the consortium of interested companies, has now matured into an official MMA working group. The aim is to get all MMA companies on board and make this an official MIDI specification that can be adopted by the whole music industry. This is a very exciting step for expressive electronic music!

More details here:

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Kyma 7: LinnStrument & MPE Support

Kyma 7 being controlled by LinnStrument using the new MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) MIDI standard!

Kyma automatically puts the LinnStrument into MPE mode when you connect; once connected, any keyboard-controlled Sound in Kyma automatically sets the polyphony and responds to the LinnStrument — no extra controllers are needed, and you don’t have to select a special mode on the LinnStrument — so you literally plug it in and play.

Kyma 7: LinnStrument & MPE Support from Symbolic Sound on Vimeo.

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LinnStrument Typing Keyboard Prototype – What do you think?

New LinnStrument side-project I’ve been hacking on this weekend … curious to hear your thoughts …

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LinnStrument ChannelPerNote and Cubase Note Expression

This video explains how LinnStrument’s ChannelPerNote feature works and shows how to use it with Cubase to play VST 2 synths that support it.

It also demonstrates Cubase’s Note Expression feature, that allows you to record all the nuances with per-note visualization and editing.

The synth used in this demo is U-HE’s wonderful DIVA.

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ElectroLinn – late night venture into electro with LinnStrument

A late night venture into electro (or someone other e-genre) using the LinnStrument with U-he Bazille’s per-note expression and Logic Pro X’s Drummer. Everything played in one take without editing and using a single synth patch.

Also listen to it on SoundCloud

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Oval – the first digital handpan – in its last funding stretch

Oval is in its last stretch, I’m really looking forward to this electronic instrument, I think it might be the first one that feels intimate, immediate and expressive.

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Jordan Rudess on Alternative Controllers

Jordan_blog_pic_smJordan Rudess wrote a very interesting article about alternative controllers for Keyboard Magazine. The print version contains a distilled version, but the full text is available on Keyboard Magazine’s blog and well worth a read.

Jordan nicely explains why alternative controllers are a big deal and how to approach them. He then summarizes what the strengths are of each different controller.

This article is a perfect document for anyone that is looking for an introduction into alternative controllers or that is evaluating which instrument to adopt.

Read it here:

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