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Kyma 7: LinnStrument & MPE Support

Kyma 7 being controlled by LinnStrument using the new MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) MIDI standard!

Kyma automatically puts the LinnStrument into MPE mode when you connect; once connected, any keyboard-controlled Sound in Kyma automatically sets the polyphony and responds to the LinnStrument — no extra controllers are needed, and you don’t have to select a special mode on the LinnStrument — so you literally plug it in and play.

Kyma 7: LinnStrument & MPE Support from Symbolic Sound on Vimeo.

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LinnStrument Typing Keyboard Prototype – What do you think?

New LinnStrument side-project I’ve been hacking on this weekend … curious to hear your thoughts …

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LinnStrument ChannelPerNote and Cubase Note Expression

This video explains how LinnStrument’s ChannelPerNote feature works and shows how to use it with Cubase to play VST 2 synths that support it.

It also demonstrates Cubase’s Note Expression feature, that allows you to record all the nuances with per-note visualization and editing.

The synth used in this demo is U-HE’s wonderful DIVA.

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ElectroLinn – late night venture into electro with LinnStrument

A late night venture into electro (or someone other e-genre) using the LinnStrument with U-he Bazille’s per-note expression and Logic Pro X’s Drummer. Everything played in one take without editing and using a single synth patch.

Also listen to it on SoundCloud

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Oval – the first digital handpan – in its last funding stretch

Oval is in its last stretch, I’m really looking forward to this electronic instrument, I think it might be the first one that feels intimate, immediate and expressive.

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Jordan Rudess on Alternative Controllers

Jordan_blog_pic_smJordan Rudess wrote a very interesting article about alternative controllers for Keyboard Magazine. The print version contains a distilled version, but the full text is available on Keyboard Magazine’s blog and well worth a read.

Jordan nicely explains why alternative controllers are a big deal and how to approach them. He then summarizes what the strengths are of each different controller.

This article is a perfect document for anyone that is looking for an introduction into alternative controllers or that is evaluating which instrument to adopt.

Read it here:

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Animoog v2.2.4, optimized for alternative controllers

Today we released a long-awaited update to Animoog with fixes and improvements for the modern iOS landscape (iOS 8, 64 bit devices, latest Audiobus, IAA, …).

An important improvement is that Animoog will now properly handle full-rate MIDI coming from the Eigenharp, LinnStrument, Continuum, … The massive amount of expression messages used to sometimes put Animoog into a weird state. We tracked this bug down and fixed it, making Animoog an excellent choice for any controller that supports polyphonic aftertouch!


Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Stable support for iOS 8
  • Stable support for 64-bit devices
  • Revised timbres panel with categories (touch-hold timbre in category for preview)
  • Fixes for timbres showing up with domain name prefixes
  • Audiobus input slot compatibility fixes
  • Virtual Animoog MIDI ports are now always available even if no port is explicitly selected
  • Improved IAA instrument compatibility (IAA transport panel will be done for a future release)
  • Use with any buffer size from 128 to 4096 (256 being the intended size for all supported devices)
  • Fixes for restore purchase functionality
  • Improved in-app store layout and interaction
  • iTunes File Sharing access to timbres, presets and projects
  • Removed import/export preset from setup panel since iTunes File Sharing should cover all needs
  • Added timbre category list under ‘random preset’ to enable/disable categories to randomize timbres from
  • 4-track recorder fixes for loading clips, pasting clips and AudioPaste
  • 4-track project fixes for save/load/delete/share
  • 4-track now remains unlocked when not connected to network
  • Pitch bend range is now always saved with presets and correctly loads from presets when this option is active
  • Pitch and mod strips now light up with incoming MIDI
  • Hold button now more clearly show when it’s active
  • Manual MIDI CC input now ensures only numbers can be entered
  • Keyboard scale selection now doesn’t misbehave after selecting the whole tone scale
  • Preset panel is laid out more consistently
  • Resuming after interruptions from Siri now reactivates audio
  • Proper handling of large amounts of MIDI expression data, coming from alternative controllers
  • Updated built-in manual

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Leaving ZeroTurnaround, joining Moog Music

As many of you know, I’ve always had two passions in life: software and music.

For the last few years I’ve worked with one of the greatest companies in the Java industry: ZeroTurnaround. I’m proud to have contributed to LiveRebel, RebelLabs and finally XRebel, which is an amazing product that is going to bring ZeroTurnaround to even higher levels very soon (seriously, check it out)!

On the side I’ve continued to work in music technology, and built products like GECO for Leap Motion, the Eigenharp and the amazing LinnStrument with Roger Linn.

Moog Music logo

Last week my friends from Moog Music reached out to me with an offer to help them build out their software team, this was too good an opportunity to pass on. I’ll be able to combine both my passions full time again and at Moog of all places!

I’ve always been admirative of how they keep their roots in analog synthesis while reaching forward to novel software ideas like Animoog, Filtatron, the Sub 37 and the Theremini. Being part of that journey excites me beyond belief, the road ahead is going to be wild!

I’m starting at Moog as of next week, see you from there!

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“How far can you be?” on LinnStrument

I was playing around with the LinnStrument and iPad synths to get ready for NAMM, and kept thinking of my dog Droopy who afterwards passed away at the hospital. Here’s a little musical painting of those moments.

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Beautiful Jazz improvisation on LinnStrument

Beautiful Sample Modeled Sax Jazz improvisation on LinnStrument by Jeremy Cubert

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