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Expressive E Touché with Moog synths

Arthur Bouflet composed and performed this very nice demo, showing how Touché can enhance the expressiveness of Moog synths, both analog and iOS!

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Why MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)?

A short video to explain why MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is so focused and limited, but why it’s so important that the standard exists and is widely available.

You can find the MPE spec here, by scrolling down to “Supplemental Specifications [Post 1996]”:

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MPE spec published by the MMA

After several years of hard work with the MMA working group and collaboration with AMEI (the Japan MIDI Standards Committee). The MPE spec has been approved by both organizations and is now published on the website.
You can find it at the bottom of this page:

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Real-time orchestral harmonizing with Leap Motion and Cubase

Hagai Davidoff again comes up with an amazing use of my GECO MIDI app for Leap Motion: real-time orchestral harmonizing with Steinberg Cubase.

GECO is now available as donationware via my site

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MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) adopted by the MMA!

After several years of hard work of the entire MMA MPE working group, the MIDI MPE spec has finally been adopted!
The final spec will soon be available for download from

More details can be found in the official announcement of the MMA:

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Arvo Pärts’ Fratres on three Continuums

Edmund Eagon, Rob Swimmer and Sally Sparks played Fratres on three Continuums during ContinuuCon 2017.

Thanks for this beautiful and very emotional performance of this magnificent piece.

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From Arduino to LinnStrument

LinnStrument is an expressive electronic musical instrument with five dimensions of touch sensing. It is built with open-source hardware, the Arduino Due and runs open-source firmware. There are hundreds of playing cells and multi-color LEDs, making it ideal to discover embedded Arduino development with concrete musical and visual results.

This session introduces the Arduino development concepts, tie them back to the actual hardware, provide an overview of the main algorithms in the LinnStrument firmware that are responsible for the musical feel and explain valuable lessons that were learned during the development of the firmware.

From Arduino to LinnStrument – Geert Bevin from Official ZeroTurnaround Account on Vimeo.

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The Oval – First Demo

The Oval is a new electronic musical instrument with the form factor of a hand pan. After backing their Kickstarter two years ago, I finally received the instrument yesterday.

Here’s a first demo video that shows some of its capabilities.

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Playing Expressive Gestures on LinnStrument

Roger Linn created a nice tutorial about using expressive gestures on LinnStrument.

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Joué MPE tutorial with the Animoog app & Bitwig

The upcoming Joué controller created a nice overview of how they can use MPE with Animoog and Bitwig Studio.

Check it out:

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